It has always been said: Where there is water, there is life. Wetland meadows, which you can see along the way, are some of the very few in Slovenia that have not yet been completely drained by humans. As thanks, since water can occasionally flood the dried ground, flowing into green ditches, and nourishing the earth, a truly colourful and mysterious world persevered here.

If you watch closely, you can see here, in different seasons, interesting, shy animals and plants offering shelter. You may notice the protected Alpine newt, curious frogs of various sizes and colours, or you may be surprised by a dragonfly with a likeable name – the keeled skimmer.

A large marsh grasshopper might also come hopping along. This is a species of grasshopper than can not survive in dry areas, and this is one of her last habitats. In the warmer water of the ditches, you can see water scorpions sliding this way and that, and sometimes you can hear a rustling in the grass, as a harmless grass snake, waiting to catch a frog from the ditch, retreats from the sound of human steps. There are many other species that need this wet and peaceful shelter, and they find their living space on some rare plants, like the narrow-leaved water plantain, brown flatsedge, and the lovely Water Forget-me-not.

You can find more information on these interesting inhabitants of wetlands on signs along the path and on our website. 


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