Dear travellers, stop for a minute at this spot, the final spot on our walk. You were welcomed by the Avenue Klestje, which is becoming lusher and lusher every day, and now you’re looking out over the wide-open and welcoming Kozjansko and Obsotelje, in all their glory.

Breathe in the fresh Bistrica air and look back at all the sights surrounding you: Kunšperk Castle on the Slovenian side of the border, as it extends its hand over the flatland and the meanders of Sotla River to the Croatian Cesargrad Castle, Podsreda Castle is proudly drawing your attention, nearby is the simple Church of the Holy Cross, you can see the famous pilgrimage hills of Svete gore, and more and more.

Everything your eye can see is part of the protected region and natural park, where nature and people speaking her language come first. Villages that you walked through offer so much more – their surroundings, hills, forests, streams, rivers with tributaries, fields, sacral buildings, cultural heritage, tourist service providers ... all these invite you to transform this last part of your journey into a new beginning.

Remember the villages, as these small places can convincingly conjure up a look into our past, and their lively rural life can provide for all of us a healthier and brighter future.


Operacijo delno financira Evropska unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj. Operacija se izvaja v okviru Operativnega programa krepitve regionalnih razvojnih potencialov za obdobje 2007−2013 za obdobje 2012-2014, razvojne prioritete »Razvoj regij«; prednostne usmeritve »Regionalni razvojni programi«.