If, by chance, you still did not notice the pleasantly cool and fresh air surrounding you as you walk through our villages, then this is the moment to stop and breathe in deeply. Before you stands a 597-metre-high Kunšperška gora, where nature shines in all its glory. Covered with a beech forest, it proudly stands over Kunšperško polje. Limestone and dolomite walls are part of Orlica, building the eastern part of the Sava Hills, and hiding many stunning locations.

One of the most beautiful ones is the so-called rock window, which was supposedly formed by erosion. Travellers never get tired of the view offered by this natural window, as they can see all the way to Orešje and Croatian Zagorje. Other lone, rocky mountains also arouse our imagination, especially when we consider that Celts supposedly lived on Kunšperška gora by special springs, performing various sacred rituals.

The ruins of a local church dedicated to Saint Margaret, with its surrounding wall as the only remaining structure, also peak our curiosity. In Saint Margaret, which was built on an ancient settlement, chaplains from Saint Peter read special masses for the weather and received the produced must. Orlica with Kunšperška gora, with its ecosystem diversity of rocky crevices, dry meadows, swift streams, and acidic forests, falls under the area of Nature 2000.

If trees could talk – especially the oldest ones, whose branches and trunks decay and dry with every day – they would tell of a multitude of life that lives on Kunšperška gora. They would most definitely mention the endangered horseshoe bats, the beautiful beetles called alpine longhorn beetle - Rosalia alpina, interesting stag beetles, lively beetles Morimus funereus, various birds nesting gratefully in holes in trees, and the freshwater stone crayfish; but they would also not forget the colourful butterflies, called Jersey tigers.

If you walk along the edge of the forest during summer, you may notice them among the flowers – however, it is not the butterflies that look like tigers, but the caterpillars from which these colourful animals develop. Kunšperška gora is without a doubt worthy of your time and attention. 


Operacijo delno financira Evropska unija iz Evropskega sklada za regionalni razvoj. Operacija se izvaja v okviru Operativnega programa krepitve regionalnih razvojnih potencialov za obdobje 2007−2013 za obdobje 2012-2014, razvojne prioritete »Razvoj regij«; prednostne usmeritve »Regionalni razvojni programi«.